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Celebrities Who Have Worn Invisalign

People in the public eye who need orthodontic treatment are often interested in keeping the fact that they are straightening their teeth a secret. One benefit of Invisalign over metal braces is that the clear custom aligners are difficult for the casual observer to spot. In this post, our Delta and Surrey dentists list celebrities who have chosen Invisalign.

Are you considering using Invisalign to help straighten your smile? You might be interested to know many celebrities have used these clear aligners as successful orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth.

Serena Williams

At 16, Serena Williams underwent Invisalign treatment. Now, she can attribute her radiant smile, at least in part, to the treatment. She now has a grin to match all of her Grand Slam Doubles wins!

Katherine Heigl

In the months leading up to her wedding, Katherine Heigl turned to Invisalign to correct the alignment of her teeth. In an interview with Extra in 2007, she discussed her use of the clear aligners, dubbing them "Netflix for your teeth."

Zac Efron

With a gap between the incisors and molars (a condition called diastema), Zac had an issue he needed to correct. After he turned to Invisalign, you likely wouldn't be able to tell he had diastema.

Tom Cruise

During an orthodontic appointment for his kids, Tom Cruise learned that his front teeth weren't perfectly centered. This motivated him to undergo Invisalign treatment to help align his famous smile.

Gisele Bundchen

The model Gisele Bundchen had had misalignment issues in the past. In fact, one of her teeth had started shifting out of position, which created a shadow when she smiled — not great for her modeling career. Invisalign treatment helped to correct the problem.

Oprah Winfrey 

While Winfrey talked much about her treatment with Invisalign clear aligners, she has been spotted wearing them on her show. Her smile has been admired by many, perhaps due in part to her orthodontic treatment.

Would you like to learn more about how Invisalign can help improve your smile?  Please contact our Delta and Surrey dentists to book a consultation.

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